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Design blogs and the “blobjects” they feature are useful in that they categorize a virtual collection of the very latest in ornamental technological gadgets. For professional purposes only, we are wont to admire the fluid design of what essentially often amounts to decadent plastic toy robots.  In doing so, we continually come across mundane objects rendered totally original.  These discoveries typically entail a moment of quiet reflection, where we take pause to marvel at the sheer cleverness of capitalizing on such an obvious idea, and perhaps invoke the metaphor of sliced bread and greatness.

In thinking about this phenomenon further, we began to connect it to the larger esoteric concept informing Co-render.com.  Ordinarily, we try to share examples of co-rendering which (ostensibly) portray the aggregate wisdom of the crowd as open source market research.  To create or invent based on this model, however, a systematic approach to managing insight is required.  We admit that up until now, Co-render.com has failed to expound thoroughly on the tactical measures such a system requires.

 The Inventive Thinking Project will provide instances of ingenious thinking and original ideas within this blog, while explaining (systematically) how “Citizen Pioneer” created this novel solution.  We hope to offer a remote reconnaissance system with insights that are entirely applicable and easily adapted both by our research clients at Goodmind as well as the casual reader of this blog.   We want our posts on this topic to come across as an “un-consulting” oriented collection of co-rendered objects, and co-rendering activity.  In other words, we want to prove that inventive thinking can be achieved at any place, at any time, and under any circumstances, provided the creator is sufficiently endowed with the proper tools and insights. We want to show that the question “where’d you get that great idea?” always has a tangible answer.



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