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Defintion: Make multiple copies of a component, and alter these copies in a qualitative way.

When thinking creatively through Multiplication, it is critical to multiply the correct component.  This does not imply that the most desirable, or the most important feature should be cloned ad infinitum, because each component copy effectively alters the function or purpose of an offering as a whole. The Multiplication pattern requires a product or service component that can be easily copied and qualitatively altered.

Take for example those fashionable flip-up sunglasses, the optical innovation predating color changing lenses. An additional pair of lenses treated with a polarized laminate, and offering 100% UV protection can be clipped on the consumer’s everyday frames to instantly prevent harmful glare. Prescription lenses are perhaps the most focal (pun intended) part of a pair of glasses, but only the lens component is copied and altered in this example, not the prescription.

The outcome of Multiplication for the consumer is the availability of multiple options, and the possibility for customization.  Multiplication creates a suite of services, or a family of products, and also works well with the razors and blades model.


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