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Playing with the Doors October 25, 2007

Posted by goodmind in Attribute Dependency, Task Unification.
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Here’s a new product that not only leverages the current cult popularity of ping pong, but also the physical leverage involved in transforming doors into tables.  The Ping Pong Door is a sporty take on Task Unification.  In a college campus setting, it could probably also evolve into a fine instance of Attribute Dependency change when the name of the game becomes beer pong

(via Yanko Design)


Happy Hour October 19, 2007

Posted by goodmind in Subtraction.
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Say what you like about wine enthusiasts, and the kitschy accessories marketed to retirees and yuppies; against all odds, Vindesign 2007 has resulted in a few inventive instances of Subtraction that go well beyond the inumerable iterations of wine glass charms

Our personal favorite is from glue glue design, an Italian firm that has (hopefully) re-invented the wine glass.  Little more than a stainless steal stem, it could be a wry take on the “stemless wine glass” currently popular with the Williams Sonoma set.  It is in fact an opportunity for the consumer to attach the citrus fruit of choice , and enjoy an enhanced alcoholic beverage;

“in an object adapted to cocktail party and festivities, occasions in the which sangria, shots and other drinks are enriched from a yielded touch…drinking wine directly from the fruit is a simple gesture, an action that exalts the nature of the nectar.”

That’s wine tasting terminology we can identify with.  (via NOTCOT)

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