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Like Pulling Teeth March 12, 2008

Posted by goodmind in Multiplication, Subtraction.
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Though we wouldn’t necessarily trust the care of our pearly whites to a dentist who advertises on a telephone pole, we are willing to acknowledge a creative take on the traditional format;

What’s bit disconcerting about this instance of Multiplication though, is that the mouth looks decidedly worse for the wear as more people extract (Subtract?) teeth.  Usually its just sad when there are no takers for free firewood, or the services of a tri-lingual nanny.


Motorbike Marketing March 6, 2008

Posted by goodmind in Attribute Dependency.
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Historical baggage aside, Vietnam can conjure up a lot of powerful imagery, and stimulate the senses for a variety of reasons. One particularly multi-sensory experience of note is the traffic.  People don’t carpool, people “bike pool,” sometimes with 3 or 4 people per motorbike. In fact,

“Motorbikes dominate the roads in Vietnam. Research showed that Vietnamese youngsters are particularly passionate about having a stylish bike, and that they are very internet savvy, with almost 70% going online several times a week. Castrol used this insight to create Vietnam’s first web-based reality show.” (via AdAge)

Basically, Castrol took advantage of two powerful Attribute Dependencies of the motorbike’s centrality to promote the brand abroad.  Their web-based reality show was a clear spin-off of MTV’s “Pimp my Ride,” with a loosely translated title of “Up-style My Bike.” This slight thematic adjustment made the concept more culturally relevant, but the truly shrewd Attribute Dependency change was to leverage the heavy street traffic to drive heavy web traffic.  Reportedly, “the site received 444,467 hits, far above average Vietnamese traffic norms of 180,000.”

If site congestion during contest periods made the roads a little more bearable, Castrol’s inventive thinking has already made life easier for the average Vietnamese consumer.  We don’t have enough personal experience with the product to determine whether it has the pleasant olfactory attributes that will further improve the morning commute.