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Comfort at Cruising Altitude April 23, 2008

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The engineers and designers at Delta airlines must have finally taken their first long flight in Economy Class. There’s simply no other way to explain the belated flash of inspiration behind the “Cozy Suite” seats, soon to be installed in Boeing 777’s and 767’s.

A major attribute of the air travel experience, for those “fortunate” enough to snag a window seat, is resting against an unforgiving vertical surface in the vain hope of passing out for the duration of the flight. It’s an easily observable phenomenon, and particularly memorable when some poor soul sitting in an aisle seat tries to take an in-flight nap, only to end up with self-induced whiplash.

Finally, after 80 years of commercial air travel, the Cozy Suite seat enhances the possibility for some shut eye on the red eye by “creating a space for weary travelers to rest their heads.” All it took was a “contoured shoulder area specifically profiled for sleeping,” and a staggered aisle layout, the best Attribute Dependency change at 42,000 ft in the history of aviation.

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The Low E Consumption Diet April 17, 2008

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With real estate values dropping, and environmental concerns rising, Sustainability Facts for homes might help prospective home buyers make smart decisions. If only the government would bite the bullet and establish consumption guidelines for healthy human impact, similar to what it did for healthy human weight, and daily caloric intake.

Big brother aside, the most compelling component of this Attribute Dependency is how seamlessly the “Nutrition Facts” concept fits in with the upfront presentation (disclosure) of data in the buying and selling of real estate. It almost doesn’t matter if you care about environmental health, or just want to get the most bang for your home heating bill buck; you’ll be looking for the same energy efficiency information regardless. Given our obsession/familiarity with food labels, the recognizable format makes the data, dare we say it, easy to digest as well.