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Advertising Attribute Dependency: A Gallery July 11, 2008

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Here’s a round up of some inventive thinking on the part of advertisers, using Attribute Dependency.  You can be as cynical as you please about marketing to the lowest common denominator (we are), but these ads would make anyone look twice;

1. FedEx

2.Y-plus Yoga Center

3. BBC

4. Heinz

5. YKM

6. Juice Salon

7. fnac

8. Army (UK)

(via Toxel.com, AdverBox, adgoodness, adland)


Mark Your Bubble Calendars July 9, 2008

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bubble calendar

Even though it’s a little early to be thinking about next year, you might want to…mark your calendar, and remember to buy this Bubble Calendar for 2009;

Based on the universal premise that everyone likes to pop bubbles, memories of Advent calendars, interesting ways of marking time’s progression and needing to know what day it is, Stephen came up with the Bubble Calendar. (via Cool Hunting)

This Attribute Dependency change (bubble wrap instead of paper) renders the tactile calendar a method of marking the passage of time, versus an apparatus for planning and scheduling. Given the increasing use of PDA, e-mail, and other digital planners, calendar makers should take note of this instance of inventive thinking.  In our opinion, not even Google Calendar can compete with bubble wrap.

Time to Reflect July 3, 2008

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The Inventive Thinking Project is all about taking the time to reflect on the process of creativity.  Mirror Tic Tac Toe is therefore the perfect symbol of both the premise, and the purpose of this site.  Oh, and it’s a nice take on Attribute Dependency, Division and Task Unification.

tic tac toe

(via DVICE)

Restaurant For Rent July 2, 2008

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Inventive thinking may not save your business, but it will always make a statement.  Check out this clever moment of Subtraction from Restaurant Florent;


(via Gawker)