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Division 101 September 25, 2008

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Is it possible that a quick lesson in division could reduce roommate conflict? By cleverly dividing what was once shared, the Electrolux Design Lab may have done just that.


Time to Reflect July 3, 2008

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The Inventive Thinking Project is all about taking the time to reflect on the process of creativity.  Mirror Tic Tac Toe is therefore the perfect symbol of both the premise, and the purpose of this site.  Oh, and it’s a nice take on Attribute Dependency, Division and Task Unification.

tic tac toe

(via DVICE)

Literature Döne(r) Right May 13, 2008

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Nothing is as entertaining as a witty quip, or scholarly quotation sampled from a dense, wordy work of literature. That’s what makes the Reclam Literature Döner (yes, as in döner kebab so inventive, and such a clever instance of Division.

Similar in principle to the tag cloud, a flash animated cylinder of key literary terms and themes rotates at an eerily realistic, if not hypnotic rate. Clicking on any of the keywords will reveal a quote “fresh from the skewer,” which can be added to your personal Döner, or in other words (no pun intended) to your personal quote library.

The Reclam publishing company has a history of producing literary masterpieces in smaller, more “digestable” samples. Some 140 years ago, Reclam was known for publishing pamphlet versions of multi-volume works, and has managed to remain on the cutting edge “[w]ith an interactive idea that appeals to the generation YouTube, for which even the small books are too wordy, too classical, and too one-dimensional.”

Reclam even makes reading Virgil, or Gunther a social experience; you can recommend your favorite quotes to friends. The only thing missing is an Attribute Dependency change for the English speaking world; those whose German is not up to par will have some difficulty with the Döner. (via Coudal)

Half-Baked Gifts November 30, 2007

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Clear instances of effective Division tend to manifest as instances of clever product packaging.  When a product is purchased from Niemen Marcus,  particularly a gift item, the packaging takes on even greater importance. 


That is why we like the thinking behind the upscale retailer’s take on baked goods as gifts.   The non-perishable ingredients for Nieman Marcus’ proprietary chocolate chip cookie recipe come neatly layered in an attractive Niemen Marcus collectible glass jar. 

It’s a nice combination of kindergarten holiday crafting and powerful luxury brand name.  Even though Division as a gift creates more work for the recipient, it comes off as a more heartfelt effort on the part of the giver.  A box of pre-assembled cookies from Niemen Marcus just wouldn’t taste as good.