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Weather Reports, Streamlined October 14, 2008

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In an example of subtraction and task unification, this site has taken away the time it takes to sit through daily weather reports, and combined it with the real question on everyone’s mind. The result? A fantastically simple site called, “Umbrella Today?“.


Time to Reflect July 3, 2008

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The Inventive Thinking Project is all about taking the time to reflect on the process of creativity.  Mirror Tic Tac Toe is therefore the perfect symbol of both the premise, and the purpose of this site.  Oh, and it’s a nice take on Attribute Dependency, Division and Task Unification.

tic tac toe

(via DVICE)

Table Talk May 30, 2008

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Musical Furnishings might seem cheesy at first, particularly since this Task Unification seems to be targeted towards adults.  On second thought, is the “Musical Rumba Series” (pictured below) really all that different from Microsoft Surface?  Aside from the fact that you can actually eat off of this table.

(via Coudal)

Laundry and Ladders May 20, 2008

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The informing premise behind our framework for Inventive Thinking is that it’s much easier to come up with new ideas within the confines of Five Thinking Patterns.  Limitless brainstorming is rarely successful.

A real world example of this premise, and the pattern of Task Unification is the ironing ladder, available from Tiny Living.  Anyone who has lived in a pint sized apartment knows that the confines of four close walls almost forces the issue of creativity when it comes to arranging furniture.  The ironing ladder combines two functional products in a space saving format ideal for living of any size.

We’ve Been Framed February 26, 2008

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Feeling cornered? Ever been framed? Angled Corner Picture Frames from German company details are ideal for returning the favor. Available in both “inner” and “outer” designs, these frames can fit into just about any decor, and any corner.

An Apple TV Remote? January 22, 2008

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Universal remote controls were a nice idea in theory, but proved to be less than practical as an all-in-one device management system.  It’s a shame really, as entertainment components and peripherals have continued to multiply at an alarming rate.  The cynics among us might interpret the commercial failure of the Universal Remote as defining the limits of Inventive Thinking.  We say, wanna make a bet?

Just because Task Unification didn’t take, doesn’t mean the conventional remote control is immune to creative design that will benefit the consumer.  Combining poker’s persisting popularity with a hint of Wiimote functionality and an iPod inspired interface,  produces a winning example of Subtraction through Attribute Dependency;

“The Game Card remote enables you to control volume and change channels all via card playing like gestures. Sliding your thumb up and down in the center raises/lowers volume. Sliding the top card over a tad changes channel. Sliding it all the way takes you on a wild channel surf.” (via Yanko Design)

The Universal Remote tried to get away with an age old accounting shortcut; “subtracting” the number of necessary peripherals by transferring the remaining balance of buttons to a single device.  The Game Card subtracts buttons from the equation altogether, indirectly addressing the original problem of “where is the %*#@ remote?”

Thus, we consider the Game Card remote a welcome addition to an already extensive collection of “clickers,” because its unorthodox design will no doubt make it easy to find.  Well, assuming you don’t get it mixed up with your iPod…

Investing in the other kind of Mitts January 10, 2008

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Nothing screams kitsch quite like a novelty apron, but the Oven Mitt Apron might just be an exception to the rule.  SwissMiss correctly points out that the problem of the M.I.A. mitt is solved through a bit of handy Task Unification.

oven mit apron

However, we’ll go for the more obvious benefit of attaching oven mitts to an apron.  This stylish garment eliminates any excuse for eschewing hand protection altogether for those among us who take the expression “If you can’t stand the heat” to heart.    The Oven Mitt Apron creatively prevents the user from suffering third degree burns, and the ignominy of a “Kiss the Cook” apron.

We rank this one right up there with the mittens on a string concept.

Going for the Sweep December 11, 2007

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the sweep

We’ll confess up front, we do not practice due diligence when it comes to maintaining a clean office carpet.  It’s not laziness, it’s just that our two options, the vacuum and the broom, can’t get the job done.  That’s why we were pretty excited when we came across this instance of Task Unification on Yanko Design;

“Vacuums are great at picking up fine dust but suck horribly at bigger pieces of trash. Can we say clog anyone? Of course brooms have their caveat too. They’re great at moving big pieces of litter but forget about dirt and pet hair. Why not combine the two into a Vacuum Broom?”

This carpet cleaning solution is even more exciting when we consider its potential applications outside of the home.  Say the Red Sox are going for the sweep against the Yankees at Fenway.  Given the hostile environment (and the low collective IQ of the Nation), the Vacuum Broom is the perfect game day accessory.  It’s a subtle symbol of how you can go for the sweep, but still suck big time. 

The Best Internet Browser November 21, 2007

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HEMA has employed Task Unification to develop the most revolutionary online shopping experience since the inception of Amazon.  Hover the mouse over the blue cup to see how all of the products on the page are creatively linked through the cause and effect relationship of their respective tasks. 

Not only is the presentation entertaining, it also pretty much guarantees that the casual internet “window” shopper will be personally engaged with all of HEMA’s products.  It’s so user friendly you don’t even have to scroll down the page to browse the contents. 

Free Your Photos November 7, 2007

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Digital cameras are pretty cool, and on the whole, make capturing priceless memories a pretty easy process.  Of course, as the technology has evolved, so has our definition of “easy.” 

One of the biggest complaints about digital photography is that once captured, images are forever “trapped” within the confines of the camera.  The prospect of uploading photos onto a computer has become daunting, particularly when we take into account the time spent uploading these same “pics” onto Flickr, Picasa, or what have you.  

That’s why we’re so impressed with the concept behind the Eye-Fi Card. Part SD card, and part flash storage, this little device is also Wi-Fi enabled, so you can upload your memories to your hard drive AND your online sharing site in a single pass. 

It’s a great example of Task Unification that makes a huge difference, even though the tasks being unified weren’t so terrible to begin with.  However, if the digital camera industry is taking suggestions, the next item of business should be finding a way to incorporate tagging into the actually photo-taking process itself.