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Black Cat, Black Belt, Black Tissue? June 24, 2008

Posted by goodmind in Attribute Dependency.

Most layman’s knowlegde of the facial tissue industry begins and ends with how the Kleenex brand literally redefined the tissue (i.e. people ask for a Kleenex).  Well, Kleenex better watch out for Daishowa, a Japanese brand overturning color conventions by offering black tissues.

Clearly, a case of Attribute Dependency change, but why?  According to the Japan Trend Shop;

Black is back in Japan, with everyday household items and health goods taking on a darker tone to show casual luxury and sophistication.

black tissues

We admit, these tissues do look pretty sleek.  Plus, the color black certainly suits American cultural associations between tissues, mourning, and funeral attire.  Kleenex is currently running a “Let It Out” campaign, can black tissues for American consumers be far behind?

It’s interesting that when an Attribute Dependency crosses international borders, the meaning of the Attribute change can well, change, but it can still produce a meaningful innovation in the end.



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