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More Hands-Free Technology June 17, 2008

Posted by goodmind in Subtraction.

The Hands-Free Umbrella is a great idea, not to mention a great example of Subtraction.  It’s also kind of interesting to note that it’s invention was preceded by the need for a hands-free mobile phone. Legislation can speed up the process of Inventive Thinking, but that even a 4,000 year old product can be improved by applying one of the Five Patterns.

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1. William E. (Bill) Oder - July 24, 2008

CHECK this out !!!!

My name is William E. ( Bill ) Oder. I am located in Sacramento, Ca.

I am the “inventor” of record for a exciting new “Utility Patent” protected product that might of interest to you; it can be found @ http://www.HandsFreeTechnologies.com or click on http://www.youtube.com/nvrtouchtoflush

Remote Controlled Tank Toilet Flushing System

My product will surely change one thing that every man & woman of all ages does in the morning … that is ….TOUCH a germ contaminated TOILET lever / handle to FLUSH their TOILET.

My product RETRO-FITS to most tank toilets in minutes w/just a pair of pliers. ELMINATES exposure to germ contaminated toilet lever / handle. ELIMINATES bending over @ night to touch a germ contaminated toilet lever / handle. The most AFFORDABLE alternative on the market today. CAREGIVERS &
BABY BOOMERS & anyone wanting a 21st century option to touching a germ contaminated toilet lever are ordering multiple units. Activaction signal is via remote control “key fob” which is placed up to 15′ away from unit & is compatable w/universal t.v. remote frequency (you can flush by pointing your t.v. remote @ the unit from more than 15′ away). The normal lever function / operation is incorporated into the product design & operates as normal.

With the combined residential & commercial RETRO-FIT applications the return of investment (ROI) could be enormous with the right footprint & marketing.

I am interested in finding a “licensing” agreement with a reputable, established company with infer structure in place going forward.

Please feel free to contact me as you may deem necessary. Emails are forwarded to my PDA for fastest response.

William E. ( Bill ) Oder
Patent Owner / CEO

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