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Literature Döne(r) Right May 13, 2008

Posted by goodmind in Attribute Dependency, Division.

Nothing is as entertaining as a witty quip, or scholarly quotation sampled from a dense, wordy work of literature. That’s what makes the Reclam Literature Döner (yes, as in döner kebab so inventive, and such a clever instance of Division.

Similar in principle to the tag cloud, a flash animated cylinder of key literary terms and themes rotates at an eerily realistic, if not hypnotic rate. Clicking on any of the keywords will reveal a quote “fresh from the skewer,” which can be added to your personal Döner, or in other words (no pun intended) to your personal quote library.

The Reclam publishing company has a history of producing literary masterpieces in smaller, more “digestable” samples. Some 140 years ago, Reclam was known for publishing pamphlet versions of multi-volume works, and has managed to remain on the cutting edge “[w]ith an interactive idea that appeals to the generation YouTube, for which even the small books are too wordy, too classical, and too one-dimensional.”

Reclam even makes reading Virgil, or Gunther a social experience; you can recommend your favorite quotes to friends. The only thing missing is an Attribute Dependency change for the English speaking world; those whose German is not up to par will have some difficulty with the Döner. (via Coudal)



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