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Simple As Possible, But Not Simplistic January 23, 2008

Posted by goodmind in Subtraction.

The Eazzzy USB Camera was invented with this blog in mind, as evidenced by Gizmodo’s post on the design;

“What do you get when you develop a digital camera that lacks one of the most important benefits that digital cameras provide? This EazzzY USB camera concept from designer Sungwoo Park that’s what. The device is stripped down to its bare functions—only one button, a pinhole sized viewfinder, and USB connectivity.”

Apparently this camera is intended for the consumer nostalgic for the mystery and suspense afforded by a traditional film camera, and the time consuming photo development process. Seeing as it comes standard with a built in USB port, the “thrill” of not knowing how your shots came out is subject to the same effects of Subtraction as the design and functionality.

Subtracting the LCD display from the digital camera restores some of the guesswork to traditional photography, and simultaneously refines the process of transferring digital data from one device to another. We also think the Happy Meal aesthetic of the Eazzzy USB camera makes it the perfect accessory for the OLPC Laptop (One Laptop Per Child).



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