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An Apple TV Remote? January 22, 2008

Posted by goodmind in Attribute Dependency, Subtraction, Task Unification.

Universal remote controls were a nice idea in theory, but proved to be less than practical as an all-in-one device management system.  It’s a shame really, as entertainment components and peripherals have continued to multiply at an alarming rate.  The cynics among us might interpret the commercial failure of the Universal Remote as defining the limits of Inventive Thinking.  We say, wanna make a bet?

Just because Task Unification didn’t take, doesn’t mean the conventional remote control is immune to creative design that will benefit the consumer.  Combining poker’s persisting popularity with a hint of Wiimote functionality and an iPod inspired interface,  produces a winning example of Subtraction through Attribute Dependency;

“The Game Card remote enables you to control volume and change channels all via card playing like gestures. Sliding your thumb up and down in the center raises/lowers volume. Sliding the top card over a tad changes channel. Sliding it all the way takes you on a wild channel surf.” (via Yanko Design)

The Universal Remote tried to get away with an age old accounting shortcut; “subtracting” the number of necessary peripherals by transferring the remaining balance of buttons to a single device.  The Game Card subtracts buttons from the equation altogether, indirectly addressing the original problem of “where is the %*#@ remote?”

Thus, we consider the Game Card remote a welcome addition to an already extensive collection of “clickers,” because its unorthodox design will no doubt make it easy to find.  Well, assuming you don’t get it mixed up with your iPod…



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