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Everybody’s Working for the Weekend September 20, 2007

Posted by goodmind in Attribute Dependency.


Spent judiciously, 20 cents can go a long way.  Donate 20 cents to UNICEF, and a child may be properly vaccinated against the measles.  Add a 20 cent computer chip to an alarm clock, and the world can be a more well rested place. 

According to Seth Godin, existing technology provides alarm clocks with the precise time, via radio signal.  This same technology can also be used to supply the correct day as well,

“Which means that they [manufacturers] can add a switch that says “weekends.” Which means that the 98% of the population that doesn’t want to wake up on the same time on weekends as they do on weekdays will be happier (and better rested.)”

From Monday to Friday the alarm clock is a blessed invention, critical to professional success.  Saturday and Sunday, mmm not so much.  An alarm clock’s basic function is dependant on calendar time, rather than conventional 24 hour clock time.  This is yet another literal instance of Attribute Dependency Change

The change from weekday to weekend induces a drastic qualitative transformation of the alarm clock’s existential meaning in our busy lives.  It goes from an object facilitating punctuality, to one that elicits adult language and poorly aimed bludgeons. 

Given that alarm clock manufacturers probably enjoy sleeping in on weekends much like the rest of us, overlooking this key dependency, and failing to adjust the product to consumer needs is simply inexcusable.  Unless a full night’s rest is a pre-requisite for inventive thinking, which could explain a lot actually.   



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