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Space for Your Coffee August 8, 2007

Posted by goodmind in Task Unification.

Despite the fact that printers are by definition peripherals, they require several accessories of their own in order to properly function.  In addition to paper and toner, printers by design, require some sort of surface to rest on.  Space for You is a new printer concept which eliminates the need for the printer table peripheral component. 

By collapsing the distinction between  printer and table, this ingenious device is the ultimate printer table, literally.  Space for You is also the quintessential instance of  Task Unification.  It successfully overcomes pre-historic design conventions, creating a new product that is conducive to the way people actually interact with their printer. 

space for you

Pretty much all of the Tech blogs raving about Space For You take a cue from the illustrated advertisements, citing the ability to put a cup of coffee on the printer, guilt free, as a major product benefit.  Designer Lukas Koh clearly understands the full range of tasks the printer is expected to fulfill, and has successfully unified all of them. 



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